Still wasting time searching sound effects you want?

Royalty free Sound effects

Every sound effect is royalty-free and non-exclusive.

Our authenticated sound designers provide a reasonable price and pro-quality sound.

Who is good for?

It’s good for

– a professional sound designer needs more new sound quickly.
– a youtube or other video creator needs emotional sound.
– an individual game producer or small group game makers who need accurate sound effect for the game.
– everyone wants to find sound effects their own but has no expert knowledge about mixing and mastering sound effects.

Why Sound Curation?

  • Every Sound is perfectly organized and categorized which makes you find the sound way-faster.
  • It is affordable and easy to use because the license is not complicated.
  • Periodically, new sounds are updated, and if you write a request sound on the sound request board, it will update the designed sounds to reflect your needs.
  • Even if you are not a sound expert, you can use the ‘Curation’ service to curate the sound that fits your game and project and use the ‘Mixing, Volume Calibration, and Mastering’ services to complete the project.

Subscription plan


$FreeLife Time
  • 2 Download per day


$31 month
  • 10 Downloads per day


$51 month
  • 20 Downloads per day


$71 Month
  • Unlimited Download

Curation Service

Are you worried that the sound you choose will fit your project?

I like the sound I choose, but do you want to make a few changes

or create a similar sound?

The curation service is a service that experts who have more than 15 years of sound design experience ‘curate’ (select) the sounds that are well suited to the game production project that the customer is going on. If the Sound Curation Library does not have the proper sound for your project, we will create a new one.

Curation Service

Sound Curation Basic

  • 20 Sound effects
  • Curation Service
  • Mixing service included
  • 1 month Free ‘Member’

Sound Curation Special

  • 70 Sound effects
  • Curation Service
  • Mixing service included
  • 3 month Free ‘Vip’

Movie Sound Design

  • Sound design under 5mins
  • Royalty Free BGM included
  • Sound-Sync to motion
  • Mastering

Mixing Service

  • Mixing 20 Sound effects
  • Volume balance calibration
  • Sound-Sync to motion
  • Mastering