• Non-Exclusive License.

  • Licenses granted to registered account only.

  • No resale and No modification for resale.

  • use unlimited but no share.

  • No refund after payment.

  • Stripe, Alipay, Paypal and also credit cards available.

  • Every sound is purely made by our pro-team.

  • Finding sound is much easier than any other sound services.

  • Unique quality and reasonable price.

  • The new sound effect is updated periodically.

Terms of Condition


This is an agreement between Sound Curation and you, or the employer on whose behalf you are entering this agreement (“you”). By using our website and/or purchasing a license(subscription) from us, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) as same pertain to the license you purchase. ‘Sound Effect’ means all products and sound files serviced in Sound Curation.


This is a non-exclusive license, whereby Sound Curation grants you a limited right to use certain Sound Effects(SFX including a musical composition). This license is valid for perpetuity and for the world. The sound effect you purchased may be used unlimited. There are no limits of use for the product. The sound effects In consideration of the license, you hereby agree to pay Sound Curation a certain license fee, according to our website rates.


The Sound Effects license allows you to use with any type of Media Project such as TV/radio program, TV/radio advertising, theatrical/film, iPhone / iPad / smartphone applications and games, web-based online video games website background, podcasts, flash animations and promotional presentations, online tutorials, Vlog, e-learning tools, slideshows, website videos, corporate training videos, powerpoint presentations, multimedia CD-Roms, promotional DVDs, software demos, video blogs, SNS(YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.).

Limitations of Use

You may not sell, transfer, share, give away or sublease the license agreement or the Sound Effects to any other party. You may not resell the Sound Effects by itself or as part of a package except as your own project. You may not resell the Sound Effects (or otherwise make it available) within a downloadable template where someone would be able to download the sound file as a separate file, such as a website template. You may not resell the Sound Effects (or otherwise make it available) individually or as part of any competing product such as Sound Effects compilation or Sound Effects library. You may not resell the Sound Effects (or otherwise make it available) as your own Sound Effects, even if it has been transformed, modified, remixed or edited in any way, or if you add other instruments or a voice to the Sound Effects.


You hereby acknowledge that Sound Curation is and remains the owner of all right, title and interest in the Sound Effects, including without limitation any copyrights therein. The Sound Effects is protected by and subject to Korea, Republic of, and international copyright laws. We retain the right to sell licenses of the Sound Effects to third parties, at our discretion.

Limitation of Liability

Sound Curation makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, except that it warrants that it has the right to grant the license granted hereunder. The total liability of Sound Curation under this agreement shall be limited to that part of the fee paid hereunder by you to Sound Curation for the license. You hereby agree that this license is granted to you without any other warranty or recourse.


The license fees charged by Sound Curation do not include any taxes, duties or other government charges. Sound Curation will charge Licensee additionally for the amounts of any such taxes, duties or other charges that Sound Curation is required to collect, including without limitation, sales and use taxes and value-added taxes. By entering into this agreement, you verify that your country of residence is the same as your billing address.

General Provisions

This agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the Province of Seoul, Korea, Republic of. Sound Curation also complies with the following provisions: ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC. ENFORCEMENT DECREE OF THE ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC. Last Revised: September 2018


Q. Do free members get the same sound effects license? A. Yes, licenses are given to all sound effects that have been legally downloaded. Q. What kind of files do I get after download? A. 16bit 48kHz Wav will be downloaded after a simple click on the download button. Q. Can I use the sound effect for Social Network as Youtube? A. Yes. You can use it regardless of the project type unless you are resold or resold after reprocessing. Q. Are all sound effects all made by sound curation? A. Yes. We produce all the sound effects ourselves and we own the copyright for all sounds. Q. Is it possible to request the modification of sound curation sound? A. Yes. Sound curation can create or edit sound as you want, with no additional costs. Q. How can I get a coupon code? A. Basic coupons will be available on special days and will be available to VIP customers on a regular basis. Q. What kind of payment method is there? A. Stripe, Alipay and Paypal. The credit card also available(Visa, Matsta, AMEX, etc). Q. Is it possible to refund after purchase? A. No, According to the Korea Electronic Commerce Act, digital contents cannot be refunded after purchase. Q. Is it a tax-inclusive price? A. No. Not included because taxes are different for each country.