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‘Curation’ Service?

Are you worried that the sound you choose will fit your project?
I like the sound I choose, but do you want to make a few changes or create a similar sound?
The curation service is a service that experts who have more than 15 years of sound design experience ‘curate’ (select) the sounds that are well suited to the game production project that the customer is going on.
If the Sound Curation Library does not have the proper sound for your project, we will create a new one.

Sound Curation Basic

  • 20 Sound effects
  • Curation Service
  • Mixing service included
  • 1 month Free ‘Member’

Sound Curation Special

  • 70 Sound effects
  • Curation Service
  • Mixing service included
  • 3 month Free ‘Vip’

Movie Sound Design

  • Sound design under 5mins
  • Royalty Free BGM included
  • Sound-Sync to motion
  • Mastering

Mixing Service

  • Mixing 20 Sound effects
  • Volume balance calibration
  • Sound-Sync to motion
  • Mastering

Please write a request form after purchase the curation item you want.

Why ‘Curation’ service?

  • You’ll have less time searching for the sound you need so you can focus more on game development.

  • You can prevent selecting wrong or strange sounds.

  • If there’s no such a ‘well-matched sound’, we make new sounds for it.

  • Free 1-month ‘member’ or 2-month ‘vip’ subscription comes with.

  • There is also a ‘mixing service’. Volume balancing, sound sync adjustment to object movement, mastering, etc. You can launch any game or project without professional knowledge.

How to use

  • Select and pay for the service type.

  • Upload the required sound materials (materials that can be provided video, images, sound lists, etc.) required for curation in the above request form, project description, fill out the request. 

  • Counseling and additional requests Requested via Facebook message or email.

  • If you need additional sound or want to replace it, you can use it for free with a given free subscription.

Terms of Use of ‘Curation’ Service

  • The requested sound will be provided within 5 business days after application.

  • The newly created sound is given a free license (within the sound curation licensing policy), and the sound copyright and royalty are attributed to ‘Sound Curation’.

  • Confidentiality obligations are automatically enforced, including the confidentiality of the customer’s technology and business secrets and the secrets necessary to protect the customer’s “privacy”.